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Blossoming of antique tourism was connected mainly with Ancient Greece and Rome. In these states big weight was given to the economic party of travel. Both Greeks, and Romans often undertook very long trips, thus Greeks – because of a poor development of a road network – made them mainly by sea.

In the history of development of tourism there is no smooth current. Twice, at the beginning and at the end of the XX century, the settled currents were exposed to revolutionary changes, thus at the end of the century there was a return to system of values of the beginning of the century.

Value of a road network was estimated only by Persians who in the territory of the country developed the system of communications which was often surpassing even more the latest known Roman roads. To most the best of them possessed the royal roads connecting Babylon, Susa and Ekbatan with vicinities. Each 30 miles on these roads were taverns, points of food, rest, etc. For the services rendered there the payment, according to the rates identical both for rich, and for the poor relied.

Tourism origin as social phenomenon treats the end of XVII – the beginning of the XVIII centuries when pupils of schools began to make foot walks on the nature. But close to modern tourism as a form of rest and entertainments, arose about 150 years ago.