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Resolution on the angular coordinate (direction) is in number characterized by the minimum corner (on an azimuth or a corner of places between the directions on two purposes equidistanted relatively RLS at which their separate supervision is still possible.

The generator of development of range develops sawlike changing current in the rejecting coil. Thus the electronic beam makes uniform motion along the radius of ELT which in turn rotates together with the antenna. Such development of a beam on the ELT screen is called radial and circular. She creates on the screen the image (which is often called by a raster) in the form of the radiuses which are closely adjoining to each other.

The RLS synchronizer develops periodic sequence of impulses with the period Tn=3,6 10-3 which influence at the same time (or with some continuous delay) the modulator, the generator of development of range and the generator of large-scale impulses. The pulse modulator develops the modulating videopulses lasting tu=1,7 10-6 influencing the microwave oven generator. The last develops radio impulses of approximately same duration.

The system of RLS can be considered as the radar channel like radio channels of communication or telemetry. The main components of RLS are the transmitter, the receiver, the scanner, the terminal.

At a radar complete set by one indicator block the structure of a set has to surely include an equivalent of the additional indicator (the block At equipment of the plane two indicators the additional indicator turns on instead of the specified equivalent.

Synchronization of operation of the transferring RLS channel is carried out a power line with a frequency of 400 Hz. The modulator of the transceiver forms the high-voltage impulses arriving on the magnetron which generates the microwave oven impulses. For an obespecheniyaprogrev of the cathode of the magnetron in the modulator of the transceiver the delay for 3 — 5 min. formation of the modulating impulse in relation to the moment of inclusion of supply voltage 115B 400gts is carried out. Microwave ovens impulses through a circulator and a ferrite rotator of the plane of polarization on the waveguide path are transferred to an irradiator of the antenna block. The circulator serves for switching of the antenna with reception on the transferring canal, i.e. carries out function of the antenna switch.

Systematic mistakes at measurement of an azimuth can arise at inexact orientation of antenna system of RLS and owing to discrepancy between position of the antenna and a large-scale electric scale of an azimuth.