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At a choice of so difficult equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to many factors, one of the major is that, the equipment of this type is how widespread in the world, what is the time in the market there is a firm which is engaged in development of similar equipment. It will allow to guarantee reliability of work of system, to provide communication with other systems.

Except systems with the fixed channel, effective at constant information transfer at high speeds (10 kbps and Bol, exist the systems using the temporary, frequency, code or combined division of the channel between many subscriber ZS.

On a functional purpose the VSAT station shares on a basic set which provides transfer of the channel and the additional equipment which provides multiplexing of this channel.

to organize the direct fixed canals and highways between any points of communication in a zone of service of an artificial satellite, and also to work in the mode of loose channels at which satellite channels and paths can quickly switch from one directions to others at change of requirements of a traffic on a network, and also be used most effectively - fully accessible bunches.