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Multinational corporations will reduce scales of use of opportunities of RS in comparison with two last decades as optimum placement of multinational corporation is defined by location of the final markets. Activity of multinational corporation will extend only in RS located close the large markets, for example, in, Mexico, Caribbean countries; besides, the number of foreign branches of the multinational corporation coming from other RS increases in RS.

** all indicators on monopolies are presented so that they reflected a production activity within the country and were comparable among themselves. That is the number of the busy covers maternal and subsidiaries in Germany, and the turn reflects product sales, made by these busy (a turn within the country plus export)

Restriction of activity of multinational corporation in RS at a certain stage can be effective from the point of view of technological development only at implementation of a number of the measures strengthening market character of economy: assistance of export orientation of production, training on new specialties, creation of institutional base, stimulation of activity of major companies, etc.

Transition to new "postfordistsky" type of production is directly connected with RS attitude towards foreign investments. Formation of this relation is connected with the following circumstances: reduction of the size of the enterprises opens opportunities for import-substituting industrialization in RS; production specialization gives the chance to the RS enterprises to adapt the production for specific conditions of the separate markets, without reducing quality and without raising the prices; the changes necessary for transition to "postfordizm" have organizational character, are not capital-intensive and do not demand heavy currency expenses.

Estimating possible consequences of transition to "postfordizm" for RS, the author notes that small RS (Cyprus, Yamayk develop the strategy of cooperation between small firms which is multinational corporation alternative to domination. However this strategy has no chances to turn into the international cooperation within "the third world".

Existence of multinational corporation is reaction to imperfection of the market as it is favorable to firms to carry out "internalization" of the imperfect markets. However it is difficult to estimate influence of such "internalization" of the markets on economy of RS: one markets can effectively develop, development of others can be late.