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The role of party in structuring results of elections too considerably decreased. Often people vote not for the party, and for the "image" of this or that candidate created by commercial mass media.

Quantitative classification allocates only two party systems, which with liberal democracy - two-party and multi-party. The main complexity connected with application of these concepts follows from some convention of the term "the two-party

Sets sections have an extensive network of the local organizations. These are the centralized parties with quite rigid internal discipline, but at the same time allowing "horizontal communications" between local divisions.

Thanks to the flexible modern structure of party can successfully influence voters, reflecting various requirements of social groups in the programs. After election in structures of the power of party try to vyploshchat the promises in life.

At last, parties are of great importance, acting as reference groups on which the individual focuses behavior - the supporters. In many countries people, obeying family traditions and education, test strong emotional commitment of this or that party.