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In the 16th century expansion of base of the English cloth industry was required. Demand for wool increased, and cultivation of sheep became extremely profitable business. But for big herds also big pastures were necessary, and on the earth there were small-scale enterprises.

Manufactory workers in England in 16v. received a low wage, only some pence in day. The worker of rural manufactories who had usually small country economy were paid even less, than the city worker. Besides the part of a salary was given goods that was very favorable to the businessman. The cheapest was applied to the businessman in manufactories also female and child labor. In the village farmers capitalists paid a high rent to landlords due to increase in prices for products of agriculture and reduction of wages by the agricultural worker.

The essence of a phenomenon of the new industrial countries (NIC) consists that in many developing states agrarian raw specialization of economy is overcome, the diversified industrial complex is formed, the model of the "open economy" capable to adapt for the international markets is debugged. To the first generation of the industrial countries carry Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, to the second - Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Colombia, Chile.