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Generally the enterprise operates on the market of producers, i.e. buyers acquire production for use it in the course of production. In most cases these enterprises make electro - and heat power.

In spite of the fact that it is difficult to give definition of the good supplier, there are some his characteristics which could be considered as desirable in the relations the buyer - the seller. The list provided below needs to be considered only as option. Good supplier:

pi – quantity of points which is received by the supplier. Pays off, as a difference between 100 points (this maximum value is given to the supplier in the absence of claims to it) in this parameter) and percent of any defects. (For example: percent of the rejected production, overdue deliveries, etc.

The specific competition arises between various kinds of the goods in principle satisfying the same requirement. Thus there is at least one parameter in which they differ.

Task of the enterprise – for the sake of increase of efficiency of the work as much as possible to change the factors which are giving in to management in the necessary direction and as much as possible to adapt to the factors resistant to change.

The firm constantly is under the influence of factors of the external and internal environment which can both promote, and to counteract activity of firm. Therefore it is very important to investigate as controlled by firm, and uncontrollable factors.

intermediary firms (organizations) which can have own marketing network which can include a number of subsidiaries, branches, some dealers and (or) subdealers, separate controlled marketing firms;

Economic and financial environment. General state of the economy of the country at present the very heavy. Uncertainty level is very high: rates of change of environment are high and the level of predictability of the future is small. The rate of inflation is also high. All this has extremely an adverse effect on activity of the enterprise.

But solvency of firms consumers is of great importance. Since in the country in general a difficult situation, it is necessary to resort to clearings and barter transactions. It has negative impact and can lead to accumulation of production in warehouses.

Elements of the internal environment are among mostly controlled by the management of the enterprise and its employees. To them, among others, the product, its appearance, qualitative characteristics, a variety, the production technology, qualification of the personnel, methods of an entry into the markets, etc. belong.

Internal contact audience are workers and employees of this enterprise. For them general meetings where messages on the done work, on a present state of affairs become are annually held, the purposes and tasks on the future are set.

It is necessary to consider that any, even the ideal plan of activity can fail at negative impact of uncontrollable factors. Therefore continuous tracking environment and the accounting of its influence is required. Moreover, the procedures developed on a case of emergence of unforeseen circumstances have to become important part of marketing activity.

Environment. The plant is located in a residential zone and therefore it is necessary to reduce the production wastes polluting environment. For this purpose at plant there is station of neutralization and laboratory watching emissions in the atmosphere and industrial drains.

Any enterprise represents the self-organizing and spontaneous object which functions are provided it with "the internal environment". The enterprise in "environment" works. All factors of internal and external environments can both promote, and to complicate its production and commercial activity.