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The consumer demand acts as the leading factor of growth of the industrial countries of the West. Its influence is more considerable in the small countries where the potential of domestic market of production goods is quite limited. The consumer demand creates prerequisites for an employment as usually the bulk of labor is concentrated on the enterprises which economic is stimulated with demand of the population. They often have higher labor input owing to their social and technological specifics.

Openness of economy. Nearly 1/5 part of cumulative GDP of this subsystem of the world economy is realized abroad and approximately same part of GDP is provided due to import. In the middle of the last century about 90%, production and the services made by the companies were provided with the labor, raw materials and components acquired in a radius of 150 km and realized in the same place. Today more than a half of the companies and realize the production outside the country of origin, about a half of raw materials and intermediate products is got on import or made for a their subsidiaries.

Leading companies of the western countries are multinational corporation. decisions and the general strategy of investment in a measure appeared from under influence of domestic markets. huge economic power, a research, the largest multinational corporations can quite control the markets in small industrial and developing countries.

During socio-historical development in the XVI—XVIII centuries in the western countries there was a civil society as set of forms of the social organization, ­ on all society and its large components. It represents set of the amateur connecting all society across. These are not reduced to the state, and quite often and resist to it.

During growth of the companies horizontal, integration which top was an monopoly developed. The one-industry company corresponds to the lowest step of integration in economy and is the lowest form of the organization. Formation of similar largest is necessary for the end of the XIX century, their organizational the trust (the united capitals) acted. Incentive of their development was achievement of a monopoly position and economy at a production scale which is formed at increase in volume of release due to reduction of averages ­ on a unit of production.

Bourgeois revolutions transformed all spheres of life of the western countries. Unprecedented changes happened in structure of society. The class relations began to profile structure of society though it is continuous ­ the economic and social status of many groups and layers of the population greases an accurate picture of a class.

Along with the general capacity of domestic markets the structure and nature of consumption which itself use of potrebitelny cost is important. It consists of a production and consumer demand. Production consumption is included into process of production and includes production of means of production (tools and work and consumption of labor, i.e. an expenditure of its physical and spiritual energy. The non-productive occurs outside production. In the course of it are used or consumer goods are finally consumed. Thus, in the course of production consumption products are created, and in the course of they are consumed.

Small and medium-sized companies traditionally dominated in manufacturing industry of Italy and Japan. In other large countries the large and largest companies give part of production of manufacturing industry, but separate small and medium-sized companies act the largest the producer of some types of production, most often as the.

As it was noted, intermediate production serves not only interindustry demand, the same process actively goes in industries which consumers of production made in them are. high share of intra-branch consumption in an avia of the space industry (over 90%), automotive industry (over 70%), radio engineering and electronic (over 50%), chemical industry (over 35%). More and more full and comprehensive interdependence of separate components of a social production of the developed countries which already outgrew borders is a consequence of development of process of increase in a share of production.