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Switchboards on the tire of data use the powerful KT973 transistor providing pulse current to 1A that is necessary for programming, for example, of chips 556rtkhkh, 1556khkh. Other tire which is often used as address does not demand such currents. Therefore the switchboard, though carries out the same function, but is arranged slightly more simply. So, for example, if to the line 1 and 21 to give the forbidden combination 0 and 0 which at the same time will open the VT6 and DD11 transistor, the R16 resistor will not allow burning out of DD1

The scheme of a programmator is carried out on the bilateral printed-circuit board having one basis on which both parties receive the carrying-out drawing and all demanded connections. Transition of conducting lines on the one hand of a payment on another is carried out by the metallized openings. At assembly of a programmator the printed-circuit board is placed in the metal case in which the power unit is also mounted.

Distinguish production and operational technological effectiveness. Production technological effectiveness of a design of a product consists in reduction of expenses of means and time for design-technology preparation of production and processes of production, including control and tests. Operational technological effectiveness is shown in reduction of expenses of time and funds for technological service and repair of a product.

The combined method is applied to production by DPP and FPCB (flexible printed-circuit boards) with the metallized openings on bilateral folgirovanny dielectric. The carrying-out drawing is received subtractive methods, and metallization of openings is carried out by an electrochemical method.

There is a basic need of use of programmable chips in micro - processor devices and systems practically for all areas of a national economy, such as flexible production systems, control systems of various technological processes, personal COMPUTERS, household equipment.

The X1 socket is intended for connection of a programmator through a cable to the IBM compatible computer on the Centronics interface (I will corrode the printer. The loop raspaivatsya in such a way that i-y contact of a loop on the one hand of the socket connects to i-m contact of the socket on the other side of a loop

Technological effectiveness of a design is one of the most important characteristics of a product. Understand set of the properties of a design of a product defining fitness of the last to achievement of optimum expenses by production, operation and repair for the set indicators of quality, volume of release and conditions of performance of work as technological effectiveness of a product.

Programmable ROM is result of improvement of the classical scheme of semiconductor ROM with mask programming. The elementary ROM contains the memorable matrix consisting of tires of lines and columns, decoders of the address of lines and columns and amplifiers of reading.

Now total to two hundred methods, ways and options of production of printed-circuit boards. However the majority of them became outdated. In modern industrial production of printed-circuit boards widely apply the chemical, combined and electrochemical methods of receiving printing conductors.

Purpose: to calculate geometrical parameters of elements of printed circuit wiring. To consider the minimum distances between elements of printing drawing corresponding to the conditions shown to geometrical parameters of the printed-circuit board.

In extensive listed products of electronic equipment the special place is taken by family of programmable chips. Their accelerated development symbolizes now progress in microelectronics which is the catalyst scientifically - technical progress in the modern world.

Apparently from the device of switchboards, or data (or on some at once) it is possible to bring a high voltage of E1 to any line of the tire of the address, and thus other lines can independently have logical levels.

For production of the printed-circuit board of a programmator the electrochemical (semi-additive) method as it possesses a number of advantages, in certain cases and over other methods of production of printed-circuit boards is chosen.