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When developing new production this technique assumes that all factors reflecting system of consumer preferences, and at the same time technical parameters of a new product by means of which it is possible to satisfy inquiries of the consumer have to be considered; groups of consumers, everyone decide on the set of inquiries and preferences; all chosen factors are ranged on importance degree for each of groups of consumers.

At segmentation of the market of industrial goods first of all the following criteria are used: geographic location; type of the organization acquiring goods: amount of purchases; the directions of use of the bought goods.

The firms operating in the market are realized that their goods or services cannot meet completely inquiries and desires of all consumers. In an ideal, the firm will try to occupy all market niches (segments), for maximizing profit. In practice she conducts market researches and as a result focuses "attention" on separate segments of the market where its product will bring in the maximum income - after all rather obviously that different consumers wish to acquire different goods.

For example, in the USA the cluster analysis of systems called by PRIZM which begins a clustering is widespread, reducing a set from 1000 possible social and demographic indicators. This system forms social and demographic segments for all territory of the USA. So, the cluster 28 - families which got to this cluster is allocated, include persons with the most successful professional or administrative career. This cluster also reflects the high income, education, property, approximately middle age. Though this cluster represents only 7% of the population of the USA, it is critical for the businessmen selling expensive goods.

At a choice of quantity of segments into which the market has to be broken, usually are guided by criterion function - definition of the most perspective segment. Obviously, when forming selection inclusion in it of segments is excessive, whose consumer potential is rather small in relation to the studied product. The quantity of segments as show researches, should not exceed 10, excess is usually connected with excessive specification of signs of segmentation and conducts to unnecessary "washing out" of signs.

According to the relation allocate segmentation: on circumstances of application, on the basis of benefits, on the basis of the status of the user, on the basis of intensity of consumption, on the basis of loyalty degree, on the basis of a stage of readiness of the buyer for purchase commission.

In a case, in the presence of large consumers, their list description is made, that is the complete list of all consumers is considered. Such method in the relation of consumers of the industrial market is called as "full census of the top layer of consumers". Application of this method gives the chance to determine the capacity of the consumer market which is considered as the sum of requirements of the enterprises from the created census.

The best understanding of the nature of competitive fight in the concrete markets is provided. Proceeding from knowledge of these circumstances it is easier to choose market segments for their development and to define, what characteristics products for a gain of advantages in competitive fight have to possess.